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اسید بوریک
Boric acid
سود پرک
Sodium hydroxide

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Molecular Formula C3H5(OCOCH3)3
Molecular Weight 218.2 g/mol
Physical Description Colorless liquid with a mild fatty odor
Solubility 8-10 g/100ml
Density 1.16 g/cm3
Boiling Point 258-260°C


Triacetin is used for the solidification of acetyl cellulose fibres in the manufacture of cigarette filters. The water content must be kept constant to achieve constant solidification.
Triacetin is also used as a support for flavourings and essences in the food industry and as a plasticiser for chewing gum.
In technical applications, Triacetin is used for example as a core sand binder in the metal foundry sector. Another application is inks and printing inks. Triacetin is used as a highly- effective plasticiser for cellulose-based plastics.

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