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Potassium Sorbate

کافئین پودری
Sodium benzoate

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Molecular Formula C6H8O7
Molecular Weight 150.22 g/mol
Physical Description white granular or powder
Solubility 58.2 g/100 mL (20 ºC)
Density 1,361 g/cm3
PH 7.8
Boiling Point 270 °C


Potassium Sorbate E202 can be used as preservative in food application such as in meat, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits to inhibit microbial and ferment, beverage, Pharmaceutical. it is used primarily in the formulation of facial and eye makeup and skin care and hair products. Potassium Sorbate kill microorganisms, or prevent or retard their growth and reproduction, and thus protect cosmetics and personal care products from spoilage.

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